I Am….

I am……

Not a whore
Not a maid
Not a prostitute duly paid

Not a nurse
Not a purse
Not one to be hit or cursed

Not a fool
Not dumb
Not one to be under a thumb

Not property
Not for sale
Not a booty call
Not bail

Not a therapist
Not a Savior
Not putting up with bad behavior

Not a victim
A survivor
Not putting up with a no good liar

I am a lady
Stand with Grace
Got something to say?
Say it to my face

I am mighty
A strong oak tree
Expect different?
Leave me be

Stephanie Ann Kinzel


2 thoughts on “I Am….

  1. Joe T Trader says:

    Not only is your poem, in my opinion, very good 🙂 … but you little lady, are quite impressive to me.


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