Best Little Diner in Tennessee!

            If you are traveling through Pulaski
Tennessee, a must stop eatery called “The Rusty Spur Diner” located on highway 31 is
the perfect place to fill your belly. Owners Cathy and James Vandiver partnered
with parents Dennis and Gloria Hebir are country culinary geniuses; serving up
the tastiest chicken, pork, steaks, and burgers in the South. This diner is
famous for the hottest chicken wings in the country; so hot that a pair of
gloves and goggles is required to even pick them up. Pictures pinned on the
wall depict the few who have succeeded and the many who have failed to eat
these fiery spiced wings. Additionally, James Vandiver cooks 

one mean, tender, tasty, steak; a
person could not find a high-dollar steak house to fix one better, or a cozier
place to eat it.

            One local man Joseph Boshers, “still hurting the next morning”
(according to a post on the diner’s Facebook page) had this to say about the
They were hotter
than hell!” 

the owners, this is a great compliment that puts a smile on their face. You can
read more comments by diners’ (local and visitors’) on their Facebook page,!/pages/The-Rusty-Spur-Diner/110396472310710
and see more pictures of the Gunslinger Challenge winners and gave-it-a-try failures.
No matter where in the U.S you reside, a visit to The Rusty Spur Diner is
worth the trip! I drive from Nashville just to get a taste of the wonderful
food served up by this family owned/run diner; it is worth the trip as well as
the price. I give The Rusty Spur an A+ in service, culinary expertise, and the
comfortable country setting!


3 thoughts on “Best Little Diner in Tennessee!

  1. Roland says:

    I’m glad we went there…
    And although I haven’t heard from you, I hope all is well with you…
    My life has changed, dramatically…
    I was patient and finally landed that good job I knew I’d find…
    Money is no longer a concern…
    Bought a new house, car, entertainment center and the kitchen sink…

    I am very lucky and quite happy…
    I can’t believe I was living the way I was when we met…
    Although it was the worst situation I have ever been in in my life…
    It got me where I am, now…
    I’m not looking back…

    I see lot’s of pictures but none of me…
    I hope they are indicative of your life, now…
    And I wish you the very best…
    I think of you, often…


    Take care…

    • I’m glad to hear all is well with you and you’ve found what you needed! I knew you would.
      This was a wonderful place to eat, and I enjoyed our time.
      Just remember what I told you darlin’… ain’t everything, and you have to be able to be happy without it too. One day, as you know, it can be gone.
      Hugs and love to you!

  2. Lloyd Irvin says:

    Very nice write-up. I certainly appreciate this site.
    Continue the good work!

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