Ford Motor Company
The Ford Motor Company is in the automotive industry because of one man’s vision, Henry Ford. Born in 1863, Henry Ford had a vision of making automobiles an affordable commodity. He believed that autos could be manufactured cheaper so they would be affordable to general society, not just the wealthy. Ford’s first motorized invention was the ‘Quadricycle’, helping to launch Henry Ford Motor Company in 1899. Ford’s vision birthed new life into the automotive industry by allowing the majority of Americans affordability and quality. This is the very reason that Ford Motor Company has sustained over years of American economical hardship, and today remains in the top ten Fortune 500. Ford Motor Company is the vision of American pride that is here to stay (Ford, 2011).
Ford Motor’s mission statement could not be clearer, “One Ford, One Team, One Plan, One Goal”, meaning;
“One Team”
“People working together as lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership, as measured by;
“Customer, Employee, Dealer, Investor, Supplier, Union/Council, and Community Satisfaction”
“One Plan”
“Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix”
“Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value”
“Finance our plan and improve our balance sheet”
“Work together effectively as one team”
“One Goal”
“An exciting viable Ford delivering profitable growth for all” (Ford Motor Company, 2011).
This company is just as thorough with its mission statement as it is with automobile and community quality. Ford has kept the good heart and sensible vision of Henry Ford alive with their continued support of society and world issues, as well as continuing to produce affordable automobiles. No entity could add anything to this statement to make it more substantial and gripping to the consumer. This is another example of why Ford Motor Company is one of the leading auto makers in the world, and a great American pride (Ford Motor, 2011).
This company is interesting for an array of reasons; one being their commitment to community support. Ford Motor Company gives to education, food banks, and most importantly American agriculture and farms. It is amazing how this company puts as much effort into giving money as making money. Ford Motor believes, as most, that an education is most important to the survival of America and its future in the world. Ford Motor also played a role in space aviation and NASA; since 1963 this automobile company has intertwined itself with the American Space Program. Although, these are great reasons to be interested in the Ford Motor Company, the most interesting thing about Ford is Henry Ford himself (Ford Motor, 2011).
The perfect picture of American pride and dreams, Henry Ford started on a farm with a dream. Married with one child, this ambitious American decided he wanted more for his family. He found that he could and would help his neighbor and community in the process of obtaining that dream. And that he did; as well as making sure that tradition and heart was inbred into the company that carried his name sake. It is hard to comprehend a vision of this young inventor as a boy fixing town folks watches. Henry Ford’s motto “Help the other fellow” still shines in this major corporation today. Always finding a way to help their ‘fellow’ man, Ford Motor’s future is immeasurable (Ford Motor, 2011).
In conclusion, to think that this company, one man’s dream, has made it through the Depression, recession, market crashes, and bailouts, is not just interesting it is amazing. Ford Motor is the ultimate American dream come true, that also helps others dreams come true. This dream come true is why immigrants migrate to America; and why so many others die trying. Ford has definitely earned its place on the Fortune 500. The Ford Motor Company’s mission is clear; they will do what it takes to keep consumers, community, education, and hope alive in America (Ford Motor, 2011).

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