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The Patriot!

Sitting here – Ballot In Hand

Deciding whom to choose

It seems no matter which it is

The American People loose

Double-talking liars

With loop-holes to war

Are we really helping


 Is it the oil we fight for

Change is what is promised

That investment yields no return

America is in economic crisis

Yet –

They spend money with no concern

Over taxing ‘the people’

Dictating health

It affects them not –

As they wallow in ‘tax’ wealth

As the ballot falls from hand to fire

I envision ‘the founding fathers’ desire

Equal rights – with justice for all

Land of the free

As the flames consume the ballot

I pray the ‘fathers’ do not see

What has become of this country so greatly created

The constitution watered down and badly desecrated

Bills so complicated

No one can understand

Crooked politicians all across the land

The people wonder aimlessly

No government to trust

The values of the ‘fathers’ left in history’s dust

No more pledge of allegiance

Or prayer in school

Homosexual tolerance is now the golden rule

The American people speak their fears


Their words fall upon deaf ears

 Cleaning up the ballot ashes

In my mind there is no doubt

I have to go get another one


 I can vote the tyranny out!

Stephanie A. Kinzel (2011, march 22)


One thought on “THE PATRIOT!

  1. Tamra Kinzel-Wood says:

    WOW!!! You know I have to write a play for this one!!! Can I huh, can I, huh. Oh, and I added some dialogue to the character of Jimmy in the last one. We are working on producing it for the net. Wait till you see!!! Love you sister!!!

    Together We Can

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