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Long ago

Beautiful and pure

Carefully created to sustain and endure


Every breath was fresh and clean

The most amazing thing ever seen


Animals were strong and wild

   Only the fittest survived

Oceans, mountains, and Rain Forests thrived


One day a creäture appeared

    On two limbs it walked

With rocks, arrows, and guns

    The animals they stalked

The creatures evolved and so did their tools

Invented machinery to make profit

     The pride of the two-legged fool

These creatures built cities

    With buildings high

Each day blowing emissions into

     Mother Earth’s eye

Drilling holes in her core

     Spilling oil in her ocean

Not realizing it set disaster in motion


Mother Earth’s foundation is shifting

      Her ocean a rage

The two legs are frantic

       Those buildings their cage

The bodies of their dead float by

Ears hear nothing but the sound of cries

Scientists explain

     Christians pray

The dead are dead no matter what they say

Quit polluting her air and the ocean so deep

Because what we are seeing…

       Is Mother Earth when she speaks!

Stephanie A. Kinzel

Please quit killing our ‘Mother’!!!!


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