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Conversation between doctor and patient/consumer.

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How to Have a Good Relationship with the Doctor


            Having a good relationship with the Doctor is imperative to your health. If you cannot be honest with the doctor, there is a problem. As I told one particular doctor; some people are not meant to be married, some should not be friends, and, some are not meant to be doctor-patient. In fact, if the trust and honesty are not there, it could ultimately cost your life. Additionally, there may be times that you as a patient must take a stand about the health care you receive. In the following paragraphs, there are some no fail strategies for communicating with the doctor.

            First and foremost, do not; under any circumstances exaggerate your symptoms or condition. It is very important that the physician know the exact symptoms of the illness. Furthermore, exaggerating can give the doctor the wrong impression of your mental stability, or worse, make the doctor feel as if their time is being wasted. In any case, this behavior goes into a ‘permanent’ record that will follow a patient throughout their life. Just like a criminal actions, medical actions (or lack thereof), will permanently effect how you are treated. In addition, divulging all pertinent information to the doctor is essential to staying healthy and receiving the proper medication.

            Another important part of doctor-patient edict is dealing with grievances properly and diplomatically. Yelling or cursing at the doctor will not help your plight; this patient knows this from first foot-in-mouth experience. If you are upset with the doctor, sit down and write why, what could have been done differently, and research what the doctor has diagnosed you with. Additionally, write a list of questions and suggestions to take to the next appointment (it is smart to do this before each appointment). It is essential that you do your own research about diagnoses and medications; doctors are human and make mistakes, so be proactive in your health care.

            If narcotics are a part of the treatment plan, the patient needs to be vigilant in controlling proper dosage. America has become a ‘pill for everything’ country; meaning, there is almost a pill for every little discomfort, and narcotics are being utilized by an astonishing amount of people. Once addictive behavior is displayed, whether continuous or not, will affect the way all doctors treat you from that point forward. It cannot be stressed enough, everything goes into a permanent medical record; this record will dictate how you will be treated, now and in the future.

            Additionally, before asking for pain medicine, first ask the physician if there is another alternative. Ask yourself if the discomfort warrants narcotics, you may only need Advil, Aspirin, or Tylenol. Narcotics can cause serious issues beyond the realm of the doctor’s office; addiction is a serious problem in America, and the consequences will last a lifetime. Furthermore, drug addiction does not discriminate against race, religion, or age. Many of famous Americans have gotten addicted to Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, and an array of other dangerous narcotics. These dangerous substances will even kill, without the intention of the user. I am certain Anna Nicole Smith did not want to overdose, leaving behind a baby daughter with no mother. And, unfortunately many others have suffered the same fate.

            Physicians, Surgeons, and Dentists are important to staying healthy and controlling illness. But, we as patients have a greater responsibility of taking care of ourselves and our family’s health; as well as doing as the doctor says. Another quick way to destroy the relationship between the doctor and you, that is to not take your medicine as prescribed, the way it is prescribed. In 2006, I thought a doctor was not taking me off of the narcotics fast enough; so, I quit taking them without telling the doctor first. The result of that action was a note in my permanent record saying, “Patient refuses to take her medication”. Even though I thought it was the right thing to do, the doctor did not. Needless to say, he is no longer my doctor.

            Forming a relationship with a doctor is like forming a marriage; communication, trust, honesty, and participation are required. If the communication or trust is broken, the relationship breaks down and someone gets hurt. A patient must feel like they can be completely honest with their physician; honest about alcohol, drugs, illnesses, and symptoms. Doctors can only make decisions based on the information given to them, nothing more. Researching physicians before making an appointment is a great idea. Know whose hands you are putting your life in, do a background check. Finally, the most important thing to remember is (jokingly), do not make the person who holds the paddles mad because they adjust the voltage! This means in short, there are certain people you just don’t make mad; the one preparing your food, or the one who may save your life…or not.



This image depicts the Territorial acquisition...

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The Patriot!

Sitting here – Ballot In Hand

Deciding whom to choose

It seems no matter which it is

The American People loose

Double-talking liars

With loop-holes to war

Are we really helping


 Is it the oil we fight for

Change is what is promised

That investment yields no return

America is in economic crisis

Yet –

They spend money with no concern

Over taxing ‘the people’

Dictating health

It affects them not –

As they wallow in ‘tax’ wealth

As the ballot falls from hand to fire

I envision ‘the founding fathers’ desire

Equal rights – with justice for all

Land of the free

As the flames consume the ballot

I pray the ‘fathers’ do not see

What has become of this country so greatly created

The constitution watered down and badly desecrated

Bills so complicated

No one can understand

Crooked politicians all across the land

The people wonder aimlessly

No government to trust

The values of the ‘fathers’ left in history’s dust

No more pledge of allegiance

Or prayer in school

Homosexual tolerance is now the golden rule

The American people speak their fears


Their words fall upon deaf ears

 Cleaning up the ballot ashes

In my mind there is no doubt

I have to go get another one


 I can vote the tyranny out!

Stephanie A. Kinzel (2011, march 22)


"The Blue Marble" is a famous photog...

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Long ago

Beautiful and pure

Carefully created to sustain and endure


Every breath was fresh and clean

The most amazing thing ever seen


Animals were strong and wild

   Only the fittest survived

Oceans, mountains, and Rain Forests thrived


One day a creäture appeared

    On two limbs it walked

With rocks, arrows, and guns

    The animals they stalked

The creatures evolved and so did their tools

Invented machinery to make profit

     The pride of the two-legged fool

These creatures built cities

    With buildings high

Each day blowing emissions into

     Mother Earth’s eye

Drilling holes in her core

     Spilling oil in her ocean

Not realizing it set disaster in motion


Mother Earth’s foundation is shifting

      Her ocean a rage

The two legs are frantic

       Those buildings their cage

The bodies of their dead float by

Ears hear nothing but the sound of cries

Scientists explain

     Christians pray

The dead are dead no matter what they say

Quit polluting her air and the ocean so deep

Because what we are seeing…

       Is Mother Earth when she speaks!

Stephanie A. Kinzel

Please quit killing our ‘Mother’!!!!