Army Sgt. Osvaldo Ortiz sleeps next to the fla...

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The soldier

Although I don’t see the horror you see

Visions of your trauma and torture come to visit me

I wonder how you sleep at night, enduring each day

When the war comes into your mind

To replace and replay

The bombs that explode, dead bodies the lie

Terrorists of evil, innocent families that cry

A fight for freedom

Forcing evil hands to do good

A best friend’s name engraved on a battered cross of wood

Tears that rolled down a soldiers face

Crying for a family in a faraway place

Coming home to a world you no longer knew

The things you’ve seen seem to have changed you

Changes for the better, but most for the worst

A price you paid for putting your country first


Stand tall soldier, stand tall

You fought for liberty and freedom for us all…..

                        Thank you…..

            Stephanie A. Kinzel


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