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The soldier

Although I don’t see the horror you see

Visions of your trauma and torture come to visit me

I wonder how you sleep at night, enduring each day

When the war comes into your mind

To replace and replay

The bombs that explode, dead bodies the lie

Terrorists of evil, innocent families that cry

A fight for freedom

Forcing evil hands to do good

A best friend’s name engraved on a battered cross of wood

Tears that rolled down a soldiers face

Crying for a family in a faraway place

Coming home to a world you no longer knew

The things you’ve seen seem to have changed you

Changes for the better, but most for the worst

A price you paid for putting your country first


Stand tall soldier, stand tall

You fought for liberty and freedom for us all…..

                        Thank you…..

            Stephanie A. Kinzel



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(Stephanie A. Kinzel)

 Children of the streets…

 They lay there little heads on cold concrete

 With no homes Children of the streets

 No food or blankets

 They are financially deprived

 Each morning they awake, thinking God for another night survived

 We walked down the streets where they lie

 We see their sad faces

 Yet we just turn our heads and walk on by

 Offering no help, no support

 To find them homes is up to the courts

 But if the courts fail, who’s to blame

 While we point our fingers at each other

 The children of our streets spend another night out in the rain

 Stephanie A. Kinzel July 24, 1996


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Look at her

She is so tough

Life was lived fast and rough


Everyone met receives a smile

So good hearted

Yet, easy to rile


All Alone

Where is her Prince

Promised as a child

Heard not of one since


That is fine

She is tough

Intelligent and strong

Can MAN her own stuff


Things getting done

Not her plight

Nor is the Evil lurking at night



The only problem that seems to exist

Is the lack of kisses upon her lips



She is not sad

She won’t cry

Because before she will settle

She will die…


(By Stephanie A. Kinzel, February 11, 2011)


Promises Told…


Let you love me

I think not

Trust you

Till when

The day you get caught

You say that you don’t cheat-

 That you would never lie

Or raise your hand to black my eye

I have been told that fairy tale

You will find here it won’t sell

I no longer believe in promises told

Just to be devastated watching the truth unfold


Take your charm and find another heart to steal

For I have one not to wheel and deal


(By Stephanie A. Kinzel)




Forgive you

Where would I start?

The hunger for justice has filled my heart

Since I was young you’ve haunted my dreams

You are still victimizing me –

Or so it seems

I pray and scream into the night

If only someone could make it right

But what you have done cannot be erased

The innocence you stole can never be replaced


Understand you –

There is no excuse!

I won’t accept annalistic theories for your abuse

I want you judged for your perverted desire

Tormented by the same in HELL”S FIRE!


Pity you –

Where was mine?

The night you raped me

You filthy swine

So –

Forgiveness, understanding, and pity you’ll never get from me

One day –

Your face I will no longer see…

(By Stephanie A. Kinzel)


The top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

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Super trooper…

There’s a hero dressed in blue watching over Seattle

With guns locked and loaded he’s ready for battle


Patrolling the streets to protect and serve

Low life humanity more than they deserve


Murdering each other and raping their own

Still he gives them CPR as they lay there and moan


Protecting ones he would rather kill

Counseling those who would rather steal


He will swoop down on an abusive mate

Bring home a child went out too late


Drunken drivers—— You better beware

Others lives are in your hands

I would not dare


He will never give up until calm of the rage

Never will he sleep

Until evil occupies its cage


Stephanie A. Kinzel (2011, January 22)